7-day travel itinerary
«Anything you've even dreamed about is possible to realise just at the moment when you decided to win»
The task of week 4
Choose a country or some place where you would like to go. You have 7 days to see everything there — 7 different cities or regions.

Make your 7-day travel itinerary: you can design it in hand, in an electronic document, or using some infographics templates.

You must include:
where you are planning to stay ;
where you are planning to eat;
what places you are planning to visit (museums, concerts, or natural parks);
what transport you are planning to use.

To do all of the above, you must read about every place to organise the best trip ever!

See an Old town and walking around it
Although I'd spend all day, I'm not plan to stay there
Few hours tour with a guide.
Also I would like to visit Riga's market and just walking around the city center and make plenty of photos
During my walking I'd visit a cozy square with a lot of cafes. Afternoon, I'd like to go to a Vest Riga bar listen to live music
Between Riga and my next destination approximately 900 km. It's 19h by bus or 12h by car. I would prefer to buy ticket on a plane.

Meet my friend
and looking for «krakowskaya sausages»
(p.s. none)
After a long day traveling around Riga, I need a rest. This is a hotel I've chosen:
The hotel in Krakow has a transfer from an airport, friendly staff and cozy authentic rooms
I'd stay in The Secret Garden for 1 night. Next night I'd spend in a train to Vienna
First of all, I'd ask my friend to show me Krakow or join to freewalkingtour. We'd visit a market, an old square, a castel Vavel and aviation's museum. In the evening we'd offer a tour around bars with a guide
In Krakow are some traditional street food: bigos with sausages and bagel with salt in a market square. For supper, I've chosen Forum restaurant
To the next destination I'd choose a night train — it's save my time and money

Become a classic tourist, who visit museums, galleries and churches
I'd like to visit St. Stephen's Cathedral with a tour of it and the underground catacombs, which is carried out every half hour. Then I'd go to Hundertwasserhaus ( Kegelgasse 36-38). There is a street with dancing houses. In the evening I'd try to buy a ticket to Vienna Opera to standing place for 4 euros
Traditional dish there is The Wiener Schnitzel. I can find it in a chain of restaurants Centimeter or in Heuriger (it is a kind of family-owned restaurants). Also, I have to visit one of coffee houses and imagine that I'm in 19th century — Cafe Hawelka or Cafe Sperl
It would be the expensive price in Vienna to stay in Austria Trend Hotel. The hotel in the city center and looks like a palace
Next morning I'd go to Munich

Cycling, drink beer and chill
I'd rent bicycle and meet Tatyana, my English teacher. We'd go to English Garden for cycling around and look at chinese tower, monopter, japanese tea-house, amphitheater, bear gardens and other sightseens till the Triumphal Arch
I'd like to have breakfast in The Victorian House. After cycling tour I'd prefer to have dinner in Andy's Krablergarten. This place is famous for it's large portions and Bavarian cuisine. In the evening, I'd spent few hours in a Jazzbar Vogler. There are chill-out atmosphere and live music
I've heard about a chain of hostels Wombat and I'd like to stay there
After Munich I'd go to the expensive country in Europe


Walking, cycling and paragliding
Day 1 — Lucerne
I'd spend this day in to cities. First in Zurich, then Lucerne
I'd visit Zurich and Lucenre. If I were a multimillionaire, I would go shopping and buy a watch for me and a necklace for mom. Actually, I'm not, so I'd upload an audio guide and walking around the cities :)
I'm looking for a restaraunt with swiss causine. I'd have a dinner in a Zur Werkstatt
I'd stay in Ameron Luzern hotel flora. It's near a city center and a train station
Day 2 — Interlaken
In the second day in Swiss I'd rent a bicycle and cycling from Lucern to Interlaken, where I'd fly with paraglider
I'd buy some food and have a dinner near the lake Zarnier
After my trip I'd stay in hotel central continental for two nights
The shortest way to Interlaken is 5h and 73 km. I took part in cycling marathone (5h, 70km) and can imagine how it would be
Day 3 — Interlaken
I'd ask for instructor in Swiss Paragliding company to fly in tandem in first time. Then I rent a paraglider and fly without instructor
I'd buy some food and eat between flights. In the evening I'd go to australian bar Barracuda
My last night in a hotel central continental before I go to Zurich
I'd use a train to go to Zurich — the way has breathtaking views
Thank you for reading!
Resources about Swiss, Munich, Krakov, Vienna
The trip cost approximately — 1700–2000 euros
Alexandra Murashko
Believe that will make this trip real :)
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